About us

isTom Games was established in 2009 to develop high-quality iOS / iPhone applications. The rough start-up was counterbalanced by our perseverance and conviction that we will be able to achieve our goals. The success of the past few years has proven that people have grown fond of our games. Nowadays isTom Games counts as one of the most highly acknowledged Hungarian developers for Iphone games. Over 65,000,000 people world-wide have chosen our games. Having achieved our goals, we set new targets including publishing.

Within two years, by 2011 isTom Games achieved substantial market presence. Relying on our large player client base, in 2012 isTom Games made its debut on the international market also as publisher.

New goals set by isTom Games include also the outsourcing of development, which will enable us to come up with and distribute high-quality low-budget game software elaborated within short deadlines. We wish to have developments carried out cost-effectively and within short periods of time with the help of experienced developer teams.

Thank you for taking the time in our busy world to get to know our products better.

Best regards, isTom Games

isTom Games Ltd. Contact: info@istomgames.com
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