isTom Games belongs to Hungary’s most successful mobile developer teams.
Our games have been downloaded/purchased by millions of users world-wide on both the iOs and Android platforms, as well as recently on the Nintendo Switch.

As a publisher isTom Games set out to provide support to game/application developers whose limited possibilities would restrict their ability to launch their own applications succesfully.

Should you have an original and innovative concept, please contact us to prevent your idea from getting lost among hundred thousands of applications released weekly. We are determined to help you achieving your goals.

Why you should choose isTom Games as your publisher:

- More than 75,000,000 downloads of our applications up to date
- Cross marketing included in all our applications.
- Frequent updates in isTom News
- Full-screen advertising within the applications

isTom Games has the necessary infrastructure to distribute applications world-wide for the following platforms: iOS, Android, OS X, PC and Nintendo Switch.

If you have any inquiries concerning publishing, do not hesitate to contact us:
isTom Games Ltd. Contact:
Publishing - isTom Games - Game development / publishing