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Why choose us

It is a widely held misconception that successful applications need nothing more than a good idea. However, our experience has shown that a good idea is not enough to guarantee success. What is actually more important is thorough, sound and well-planned design. Yet even an all-encompassing and thoroughly detailed design is hardly sufficient to maintain a good idea. The key factor in the achievement of business success is in fact implementation. Due to its many years of experience, isTom Games represents an eminent partner in implementation.

isTom Games  is partner also in developments for different platforms and transcripts: for iOS /iPhone, iPad/, Macintosh, Android and PC environment.

We would be more than glad to co-operate with you in the development of low-budget applications where besides prompt, cost-effective development we can also provide publishing.

The fact that the number of users familiar with our applications has exceeded 5,000,000 reflects well our success both in the field of development and publishing.

isTom Games Ltd. Contact: info@istomgames.com
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