Update for Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

NYAN CAT's sizzling hot Valentine's Day surprises:

- Valentine's Day Skin and Background Theme Pack (2 in 1)
- Get score for distance covered!
- Color milk bottle combos! 3 special milk bottles: red, blue and green. Collect 3 green bottles for the Green Gem! Find all possible combinations for other extras! :)

BLACK HOLE: Collect the BLUE-GREEN-BLUE milk bottle combo to activate the black hole. Click on Nyan Cat's body to make him attract all items for a few seconds (even power-ups!)

ROCKET JUMP: You can use it similar to Black Hole, but you need to get the BLUE-GREEN-RED milk bottle combo. Activate it to make Nyan Cat rise for a short time. Can be a life-saver! :)

Now you can exceed the 2 billion points hi-score cap :)
Jumper platforms have changed: walk over for a small jump or jump on for a super jump.
NYAN CAT now has a slightly larger vocabulary :)


Buy the Mega Pack and get a great deal on all current and future skins and background themes!
Get more Magnet and Gold Nyan power ups

Unfortunatley TAC NAYN has been quite busy as well and he has come forth with 2 new power ups:
ghost platforms: platforms are sometimes visible and sometimes they aren't...
anti magnet: you repel milk and cookies
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