Would you like to see something really new in the the world of line drawing games?
We present to you the Craft Control and give you the chance to make your own strategy. Sometimes we let you enter the shop where you can buy or upgrade special abilities to make your ships more competitive.
Imagine that you play in a live, interactive world where there are fish living around you and you can really feel the atmosphere of the ocean. Although the gameplay is completely under your control some random events can damage your plans! But don't worry, you have more than one life and thanks to the multi-checkpoint system you can earn extra cash to buy new lives or to upgrade your ships.

Feature list:

-opportunities for strategic decisions
-fascinating and animated graphics
-terrain is affecting your speed
-interactive world
-random events
-extra bonus points
-extra offers for even more cash (rarely)
-multi-checkpoint system
-ships getting bogged (but you can push them off)
-online and local high scores

Fun [Version: 1.1]
It's fun
Fantastic take on line-drawing [Version: 1.1]
I'm not typically been a fan of line-drawing games, but I decided to give this a shot anyway based on review comments from others who I respect to give fair reviews. This is a really well-done take on line drawing. It starts out easy enough, but ramps up to challenging at a good pace. You aren't left with the simple path challenges so long that you get bored, but you aren't thrown into a "Hahahahahaha you lose!" situation quickly and left wanting to throw your iDevice against the wall. Non-controllable obstacles are thrown in frequently, in the form of slow and fast moving computer controlled ships. If you bring your craft too close to land, it will slow down. As you advance, you earn cash to buy upgrades. It's all brought together in a good looking and highly approachable game.
great game [Version: 1.1]
I like the upgrades makes playing the game fun and challenging. Also good graphics add to the gameplay.
TYPE: Action / Strategy
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