This is a very simple and fun game from the "line drawing" genre.
You can play 4 game modes, each presents a unique game experience. Some require fast fingers, others require careful planning.
Great time killer [Version: 2.0]
Great game for killing time, fun and fast paced makes you think alittle when playing the airport fields
Great time wasting game [Version: 1.8]
One of the staples on my ipad. Great graphics and challenging play. Multiple modes/levels.
Lord Gek
Plane Control goes universal! [Version: 1.7]
A plane will pop up in a random point on the map and your mission is to guide them to their color coded destination (the plane with initially spin in place for a bit but if you don't give it a path post haste it will just launch on its own in a random direction). Over time these planes will spawn at a more and more frequent rate and the game will continue until you allow a collision to occur with your end score being how many planes you've landed before the crash. The game comes in 4 modes: Classic: The basic game. Wave: Like Classic but all planes spawn in batches of 6, so when it rains it pours in this mode! Old Shcool: Like the Classic game but with old timey themed aircraft and slower aircraft in general. Also with no water, spawn and endpoints can appear anywhere. Future: Like the Classic game but now with futuristic fast moving jets. Since this map has a lot of water, spawn and end points will tend to be more crowded together on the various islands. Greenfield: Plane Control does its own take on Flight Control. Island Rush: Another Flight Control like map where things get a lot more intense than in Greenfield.
TYPE: Arcade / Simualtion
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