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It's not a typical reflex game, it's more about testing your dexterity and ability of eye and hand coordination! What's more in one of the four game modes you will mainly need your brigthness and sharp mind.

Are you interested in measuring the time needed for you to react? Now, you can do it with our game: iReflex- Fast fingers. Thanks to the online high scores you can easily compare your results with those of other players from all over the world. You only need a few minutes to try it and you will see that iReflex is easy and fun to play. So come on, make you reflexes work a little!

You can choose from 4 game modes, each of them measuring different abilities and offering a unique experience when playing.


-four game modes:
1) Simple: you just have to touch the green square on the screen in a certain time limit that is continuously reducing and shortening

2) Mines:
what is more in this game compared to “Simple” is that sometimes more than one numbered squares appear and you have to touch them in the right order and in case of red square appearing on the screen you mustn't touch it

3) Time Trial: fill in all the screen with squares as fast as you can, beware of mistouching, because it gives you penalty time

4) Maths:
use your mind to solve maths operations and touch the solution on the screen

-online and offline high scores
-beautiful and animated graphics

The game is also recommended to students for educational purposes.
Good [Version: 1.0]
I like this game it's fun
Really no attractive gameplay... [Version: 1.1]
This tries to be a game, but there's really no game element to it and, therefore, it only remains interesting for about 30 seconds. The "Maths" mode is the only mode with any appeal whatsoever, and that's only interesting for about 1 minute max. This could have been a fun way to compare your reflexes with your friends, similar to a different app I own. One of the main reasons it isn't is because of the mechanics of the reflex test. Instead of testing your reaction time by, say, tapping the screen as soon as it changes color, it just asks you to tap one button, then tap another button that is already visible on another part of the screen. It's not "reflexes" so much as finger speed, and it doesn't even test THAT well. Unless the developer substantially improves the app, don't bother downloading.
Bad! Not working [Version: 1.1]
Crashes every time while loading at startup. 3GS iOS 5.0.1 So App is NOT usable at this time
TYPE: Arcade / Trivia
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