Really no attractive gameplay... [Version: 1.1]
This tries to be a game, but there's really no game element to it and, therefore, it only remains interesting for about 30 seconds. The "Maths" mode is the only mode with any appeal whatsoever, and that's only interesting for about 1 minute max. This could have been a fun way to compare your reflexes with your friends, similar to a different app I own. One of the main reasons it isn't is because of the mechanics of the reflex test. Instead of testing your reaction time by, say, tapping the screen as soon as it changes color, it just asks you to tap one button, then tap another button that is already visible on another part of the screen. It's not "reflexes" so much as finger speed, and it doesn't even test THAT well. Unless the developer substantially improves the app, don't bother downloading.
Good [Version: 1.0]
I like this game it's fun
TYPE: Arcade / Trivia
AVAILABLE: Open App Store
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